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The activity of FPC is orientated to:
  • 1. Design, consultations and evaluation of investment projects for fire safety provision of objects in accordance with the normative documents in force;
  •  2. Working out of projects for fire safety provision or supply of fire machinery and equipment that candidates for financing of EU structural funds;
  • 3. Full fire engineering – design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire-alarming and fire-extinguishing (water, gas, foam, powder) systems, building systems for passive fire protection (fire-resistant doors, glasses, panels);
  • 4. Subscription attendance and fire investigation of objects at the territory of all the country according to previously concluded contracts with customers based on Ordinance No I - 209 dated from November 11, 2004 for rules and standards for fire and emergency safety of the objects in exploitation, issued by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW), publicized in the Official Gazette number 107 from December 7, 2004 and Ordinance No 2 from 1994 for fire-construction technical norms, issued by the MoI and the MRDPW; investigation of potential risks for origin and spreading of fires and more precisely: working out of rules in accordance with fire safety normative acts in force and control of their observing; removal of reasons and conditions for origin and spreading of fires; creation of conditions for safety evacuation of people and material valuables at fires and emergencies.
  • 5. Complete fire safety provision of administrative and trade buildings as well as hotels, educational institutions and kindergartens that includes:
image Preparation of object’s fire dossier, containing relevant documents regulating fire and emergency safety at the object’s territory.   image Working out of plans and schemes for evacuation of staff and residents at the object’s territory.   image Working out of personnel action plans for fire-extinguishing and emergencies relief, that are exercised under our guidance once per year and we make a protocol for that.   image Working out of rules (instructions) for fire safety provision at the object’s territory and implementation of instructions according to the requirements
image Working out of plans for fire safety provision at repairs and reconstructions in the object   image Control, servicing and refilling of fire fixings, installations and means for fire-fighting - fire-extinguishers – in own service base   image Maintenance and control of fire-alarming (FAS) and fire-extinguishing systems (FES) and keeping of the relevant documentation – Appendix 2 of Ordinance No I – 209   image Fulfillment of instructions given by fire and emergency safety bodies and concordance of the documents worked out with fire and emergency safety bodies.
    • 6. Carrying out of theoretical and practical exercises for operation with fire devices and equipment at the object’s territory;
    • 7. Design and performance of fire protection of wood, metal and ferro-concrete building constructive elements;
    • 8. Sale, supply and maintenance of fire-extinguishers, fire machinery and equipment; metal and aluminum fire panels (control, technical servicing and re-charging of fire-extinguishers);
    • 9. Elaboration and supply of indicative signs and signboards, according to the requirements of Ordinance No 4;
    • 10. Representation before the units of Fire Safety and Rescue Directorate General (FSRDG) on behalf of the client at projects’ concordance and standing up for new technical decisions for fire safety provision as well as testing for conformity and/or for getting usage permission in the Research Institute “Fire Safety and Rescue”;
    • 11. Information provision on fire safety issues;
    • 12. Concordance of products, equipment, installations, etc. with the requirements of FSRDG units;